Located in front of Old Tennent Church is an impressive monument carved from fine Barre granite and weighing thirty tons. The design is known as the Temple of Victory. The names of the veterans of Monmouth County in World War I who made the supreme sacrifice are carved on a granite block inside the memorial.

The following inscription is carved along with 168 names: 

“This monument is erected by the membership and officers of the Old Tennent Church and Cemetery in grateful memory of the Soldiers and Sailors of Monmouth County who served in the great world war,  many of whom lie in unknown graves in foreign lands, and in order that the names of the lamented fallen shall be preserved in this sacred and historic place, where their relatives, friends and visitors may see that, after having made the supreme sacrifice for their country, they are not forgotten.”

Charles Sanford's son was killed in World War I and he, along with the Trustees of Old Tennent,  were instrumental in the erection and payment for the monument. The dedication took place before a large gathering and music was provided by the U.S. Army band from Camp Vail. The Monmouth and Ocean Chapters of the Sons and Daughters of Liberty have gathered yearly in September to honor these veterans by placing a wreath at the monument.


There are two time capsules buried in front of the Soldiers & Sailors Monument.  A one hundred year capsule buried near the time of the memorial's dedication is to be opened in the year 2021. Information regarding its contents can be found in Hamilton Stillwell’s book on page 51. The Battleground Historical Society in recognizing the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Monmouth placed a 100 year time capsule in the year 1976. Ed Burke can tell you of its placement in that same vicinity. Hopefully, it will not be forgotten.