I have always believed in Divine Intervention, but never experienced it quite this way.  My blessed events on Sunday March 12, 2005 after Church are as follows:

Cassandra Surgent said as I drove by her, that she noticed that I had a soft tire. While we were eating at the Sr. High’s luncheon of Corned Beef & Cabbage, Lydia & Charles Wikoff suggested that I go to Craig Rd.& Rte 9 gas station to get air in the tire.  Of course they followed me and Charles helped me put air in the tire.  I could have gone home but instead crossed that crazy traffic on the corner and made a left on Craig and went back to Neff Chapel to see if I could “help”…. clean up …. I thought!

As I entered the Cemetery a young girl, my daughter’s age was walking across the driveway. She had cut flowers in her hand and seemed to be searching for a grave.  I stopped and asked if I could help.  She said she was searching for her brother’s grave. He had died 35 years ago and her father, who lives in Florida, gave her an approximate area to look for the head stone Ludi. She was pronouncing their name Ludee.  Well as crazy as this gets, [like I could find a head stone in the vast thousands around me] it was a cold and windy day. I told the young lady to get in and I'll drive her around to help in her search.  She introduced herself to me as Susan.  We didn't find it at first, so Susan continued walking up a different path to look for her husband who was driving in another area of the cemetery.  I didn't know why I felt so inclined to continue to help, but found myself calling Ed Burke, who is the Superintendent of the cemetery. While Ed was checking his files, Susan got back into my car. She just called her Dad and he said that the Ludi grave was near their Uncle George Gaub's grave.  Susan then pointed at my Father and Grandfather’s headstone and said, “there is the name!” I turned to her and said, “your Dad's Uncle George is my Grandfather”!!  As Susan and I looked at each other realizing we were related, Ed came to our car to say that the Ludi grave is near my family’s plot. Susan and I hugged and drove over to the Ludi grave, where Susan’s husband met us. While there I was able to talk to Bill, Susan’s Dad, by cell phone, who was grateful that I was able to help his daughter. …..What a hoot!

Bill, moved to Florida when we were teens.  I vaguely remember Bill and, of course, we lost touch. The above events came together in moments while realizing that I was helping my cousin who I’d never met.  Her brother, who was 5 when he died, was buried in the Ludi plot across the path from my Uncle Bart’s grave.  We pronounced Aunt Barbara [Gaub] Ludi [dye], which is why I didn't recognize the name at first.  Bill’s Grandmother was my Grandfather and Uncle Bartholomew’s sister.  They were three of the five teenagers who came to America from Germany and settled in Old Bridge Township, New Jersey, during the Blizzard of 1888. Susan had never been to her brother’s grave, and I came back to help her find it. I truly felt our family’s spirit around us and Divine Intervention was surely at work. I gave Susan my e-mail and we plan to keep in touch. What a wonderful day!

I’ve prayed for some time now for a sign as to why I am staying at Old Tennent Church. I feel that this was a message that Peace would soon return to my beloved Church.