In the present sanctuary, which is the second one built on White Hill, may still be seen an old communion table, that bears evidence of belonging to the first sanctuary built there.  Its workmanship does not correspond to that of the inner finishing of the present church.  Also by comparing the conformation of this table with the plans of the pews of the two buildings, it will plainly be seen to apply more to the former one of 1734.  It is a tradition that David Brainerd administered the Lord's Supper to his converted Indians at this old table.  David, in his diary Saturday, June 7, 1746, writes:  "Being desired by the Rev. William Tennent to be his assistant in the administration of the Lord's Supper, I this morning rode to Freehold to render that assistance.  My people also being invited to attend the sacramental solemnity; they cheerfully embraced the opportunity, and this day attended the preparatory services with me."  And the next day, among other things, he writes, "A number of my dear people sat down by themselves at the last table; at which time God seemed to be in the midst of them."  The people of old Freehold seemed to have been kindly disposed toward missionary labors among the Indians in New Jersey; and in a certain length of time they raised L12.11s. for that work.  In the present Old Tennent church, some of the foundation stones, some of the frame work, some of the window-casings and sashes, and the old communion table, are probably parts and relics of the first church built on this present site.

Rev. Frank R. Symmes, History of the Old Tennent Church (second edition), Cranbury, NJ:  George W. Burroughs, Printer, 1904, pp 42-43