From the Pastor...
The Rev. Dr. Hugh A. Mackenzie

The Following is an excerpt
from the last sermon given by Rev. MacKenzie
on July 25th:

When I first came to Tennent 23 years ago, I felt as if Iíd come home.

For a Calvinist, like myself, being called to Tennentís Pulpit was akin to a young priest being assigned to the Vatican.

Funny, throughout it alI, that feeling has never left me. In some ways itís even stronger as Iíve put down roots here. Both my parents are interred in the cemetery. When I jog and then take a cool down walk, I see so many people Iíve had the privilege to minister to: Helen Gaub, Charley Ker, Mary Griffin, Eva Sjostrom, the Schwietzers, the elder Wikofs, Walter Zimmerman, Marion Symmes, the Perrines...

Despite these attachments and feelings, as well as some sound successes over the years. it has become increasingly clear that my vocation has run its course here at Tennent. Consequently, after much prayerful thought and at times painful soul searching, in a few minutes I will be tendering my resignation to your Session.

I do this with reluctance and regret, considering the scope and nature of the support I have received from the majority of the congregation recently. It is time; time for Tennent to move on, time to come together and accomplish the great things God intends for you all to grasp in the coming years. It is time, well past time, to put away petty and destructive habits. It is time to have the mind of Christ in all matters and thereby stand firm for Jesus in these uncertain times. So love one another, even as you have been loved.

This is not my final goodbye. I will be your pastor for a few more weeks yet. But today I would leave you with the words of the Apostle Paul, as he delivered them to his beloved and troubled church at Corinth: "Until I come again, brothers and sisters, we wish you happiness. Try to grow in perfection. Help one another. Be united in love and peace be with you. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God the Father and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all."  Amen.