300th Commemorative Old Tennent Church

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Cat’s Meow Village - Old Tennent Church



Available for $10. each from the church office


Compiled By Rev. Frank R. Symmes

    This comprehensive book describes the early history of the church until 1890.  A second book, directly below, by Hamilton Stillwell documents the church in later years.

    This book can be purchased for $45 plus shipping at the Battleground Historical Society.


1890 - 1980
by Hamilton Stillwell

This book is a sequel to the Reverend Frank Symmes' Historic 1904 Volume. It is a fascinating portrayal of an attractive and justly famous old building, its outbuildings, and cemetery that have witnessed many changes and experienced numerous interesting episodes. The book is peppered with information about people and events and is an indispensable record of a venerable Presbyterian Church.

Thie book may be purchased from the church office - Monday-Friday, 9:00am-12:00noon. The cost of the book is $20.00 at the church office or $25.00 including shipping and handling if it is mailed.  Make check payable to Old Tennent Church and note on the check "for Stillwell book"



By Dr. Carl Woodward

Dr. Carl Woodward received ten honorary degrees during the course of his career. Dr. Woodward helped shape the history of Rutgers University through his work as Assistant to the President. He is the author of many books, including, three books on agriculture, one of which is being used as a textbook at Cook College, Rutgers University. Many of his greatest achievements were during his 17 years as President of Rhode Island State College. In 1999 he was posthumously inducted into the Hall of Distinguished Alumni of Rutgers University. Dr. Woodward died at the age of 84 in 1974.

Growing up on a Monmouth County farm at the turn of the century gives us a perspective of this unique period in the annals of American agriculture when the horse and buggy era was giving way to the motorized age. Dr. Woodward tells about growing up on Woodward Road in Manalapan Township. Among the 23 chapters he describes his family life and how farming was in the marrow of their bones. He attended a one room school house and later taught in a similar school in the township. Many other details of life on the farm will unfold as you read his book, "A Horse & Buggy Boyhood."

The book is being sold at the Battleground Historical Society and is priced at $20.00 per copy plus shipping.





The Diary of Sarah Tabitha Reid, 1868 - 1873

The Wikoff's have donated to our library a newly published book entitled "The Diary of Sarah Tabitha Reid, 1868 - 1873". The long lost diary was discovered by a descendent who resides in Indianapolis. In her diary Mrs. Reid recorded her life, including her hopes, dreams, disappointments, sorrows and her enduring faith in God. Of interest to this congregation is that she attended Old Tennent Church by buggy. She records her great sadness upon the death of Rev. Cobb (1863-1891). The reader will discover many insights into life in that period of time.

A literary critic says, Mrs. Reid's diary is the kind of unexpected treasure we all wish we could find lurking in the dusty corners of our own attics.

Purchase from  Monmouth County Historical Association,  $12.95 + $0.91 tax (plus $3.00 shipping/handling).