Old Tennent Presbyterian Church Christmas Drive-Through  2000

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Congratulations to all who helped make our Annual Christmas Drive-Through "Journey to Bethlehem" a huge success!  To all those who dedicated their time to support the Christmas Drive-Through this year ... We are Truly Grateful !

This year 1,359 cars attended our Christmas Drive-Through with an average of four passengers per car, we estimate our total overall attendance for all three nights combined to be approximately 5,436 people.

 A total of 117 adults and children from Old Tennent Presbyterian Church participated in this year's Christmas Drive-Through along with 118 adults and children from St. Thomas More Roman Catholic Church and 20 adults unaffiliated with either congregation who volunteered to participate.

 As always none of this could ever have happened without YOU, the church family of Old Tennent. It is only through your support and prayers that we are able to bring the joyous news of our Lord's birth to the eyes and ears of over 5,000 people this year.

Respectfully Submitted,
Susan Ohliger, 1999 Christmas Drive-Through Coordinator